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          Twitter Wall

          Twitter Wall


          Retweetd From Brian Cox

          If you haven’t got the grades you needed today it’s disappointing, stressful and maybe unfair. I didn’t get the grades I needed. I re-applied at 23 and Manchester let me in. I know all Universities will try to help you, but if it doesn’t work out there will be other chances.


          In this most difficult of years, we are so proud of our wonderful A level students. Year 13: you are amazing. Congratulations - not only on your grades but on the previous two years of being a wonderful part of 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻



          Retweetd From NSPCC

          Many exams were cancelled due to the pandemic, and the way young people are receiving their results may also have changed. This is causing young people more anxiety in an already challenging time. We have advice for you to support your child: //t.co/bZKCfPFX7M //t.co/6PsKitathX


          Retweetd From YoungMinds

          This is a must read for any parent for who has a child receiving exam results this month. //t.co/SMDzmKIF6m



          Retweetd From YouthOutLoud

          We love this illustration by about how to tap into your happiness chemicals! From a bike ride to simply hugging a family member there are lots of ways to increase the amount of happiness chemicals your body produces. Anyone fancy a piece of dark chocolate? 😌 //t.co/BELDu1K8Ed



          Retweetd From Action for Children

          If you feel as though you're at a loss for where to turn as a parent during these difficult times, we're here to help. Parent Talk offers free, down-to-earth information and advice for parents of children aged 0-19. //t.co/Y7sM2AgbXR //t.co/3bVsEldCPD



          Retweetd From YouthOutLoud

          🌟Reminder🌟 The Kingston and Richmond Youth Council want to hear from you! The link is: //t.co/32R2VyZtuA  The survey closes this Friday- 7th August 2020.   Have your voice heard! 🗣 //t.co/PGQmtTdBqh



          Retweetd From YouthOutLoud

          Happy Thankful Thursday! The trick is... when you are feeling glum... take a closer look.. there really is ALWAYS something to be thankful for 🙏 The BEDROOM that I have to tidy. 🙏The FOOD on the dishes that I have to clear off the table 🙏 The SUN that I have to shade from //t.co/QIyVz8acCK


          Retweetd From YouthOutLoud

          Have you checked out yet? This week the playlist encapsulates the term RESILIENCE 💪🏼 We love it! Go check it out on and search Kooth_uk. 🎧



          Retweetd From YouthOutLoud

          Wake up and do all that you can... ...to stay happy ...to stay safe ...to stay motivated ...to be the best version of you. There is a hub of resources on our website //t.co/njeyc8mkEQ (link in our bio) on the ‘find help’ tab to support you for //t.co/7LN3g1NVtI



          Retweetd From Richmond Council

          A new youth survey has been launched looking at the health and wellbeing of children and young people during the pandemic. Have your say: //t.co/5cqFXY5GZy //t.co/tiOvlqNUc2



          Retweetd From Richmond Music Trust

          Join us for our FINAL Living Room Session of the summer tomorrow at 6pm! It's our biggest session yet featuring RMT students from The Russell and The Queen's School, Kew🎶 Set your reminder now: //t.co/uThFOUDdZW //t.co/2soMrV6mS0



          Retweetd From Anti-Bullying Alliance #AntiBullyingWeek

          After so much upheaval in children's lives recently, alongside we've put together a 'Restorative Thinking and Positive Relationships' course for parents & carers on how to manage conflict at home over the holidays and beyond: //t.co/2q74U19S9f //t.co/5df8cMA6H8



          Retweetd From Richmond Council

          Many children will be spending more time online this summer as they stay home and social distance. If you want to talk to your child about the risks of sending or receiving nude images, click here: //t.co/H9QcEsrymA //t.co/m1yAOlxXhZ


          Thank you! 😊 //t.co/7shNHytxuL


          We’ve finally reached the end of the weirdest and most difficult of school years. Our students and staff have shown remarkable resilience and adaptability and we’re so proud of them. We wish all of our Waldegrave families a very well-earned break. Have a great summer!



          Retweetd From YouthOutLoud

          This Covid-19 guidance for young people is made BY young people 😃 This fantastic, informative illustration was drawn by in collaboration with the . We think its brilliant... check it out! 👀 //t.co/xeC2Ij0NvY


          Waldegrave summer concert is here! Enjoy😊 //t.co/acYf8FrJB8



          Retweetd From AchievingForChildren

          Young people living or studying in Richmond - please tell us what you think about your wellbeing. Complete our survey for a chance to win £50! //t.co/bn7lriBD1q //t.co/a74h7vevz4



          Retweetd From YouthOutLoud

          Did you know... some of the fantastic youth centres in Richmond & Kingston boroughs are now able to run bookable activities at their centres😃 Places are limited (for reasons of safety) so we suggest you head over to their Instagram pages or the AFC website and check it out! //t.co/sCq7RQR6Dj

          Y11 Transition to Post-16 Study

          We understand that amidst the current uncertainty, there is likely to be a great deal of anxiety amongst Y11 students about the prospect of moving on to the next phase of their education. 

          We would like to give applicants the opportunity to make productive use of this time to prepare for their transition to post-16 study.

          We have created a list of preparatory independent learning tasks for each of the subjects offered at Waldegrave Sixth Form, which have been posted on the left hand side of this webpage under 'Documents'.  This page will be updated as and when we receive more work so if your subject is not yet available please check back in a few days. Please note if you are using a smart phone you may have difficulties accessing the documents.  We recommend you use a laptop or PC.

          Applicants may choose to complete these tasks in order to prepare for the transition to post-16 study.

          The purpose of the work set will be to:

          • nurture interest in the prospect of starting A Levels; 
          • lay a basic foundation of relevant subject knowledge; 
          • introduce subject-specific study skills.

          The types of tasks that are likely to be set may include:

          • recommended reading; 
          • video content; 
          • research projects;
          • skills practice.

          We understand that many applicants will still be uncertain about which subjects they want to study at A Level and will not be ready to make their final decision until they have received their GCSE results. Please be assured that the work set is intended to support with the transition to post-16 study and will not cover curriculum content unless it will be thoroughly re-taught later. This means that applicants will not be disadvantaged if they change their mind about the subjects they want study or are unable to engage in the preparatory tasks due to their individual context at home.

          We understand that this is a very challenging time for Y11 students and their families, but we are committed to supporting applicants to Waldegrave Sixth Form as they move on to the next phase of their education. 

          If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch via sixthform@waldegrave.org.uk.


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