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          Twitter Wall



          Retweetd From Rose Barling

          504 Gateway Time-out



          Retweetd From KRSCP

          冠状病毒可能会影响青少年的心理健康。指导和资源可用于父母和照顾者冠状病毒期间心理福祉儿童的照顾。去 //t.co/MVKXYmA1H0


          Retweetd From YoungMinds

          👣 Take small steps 💛 Be kind to yourself 🔴 Don’t ignore your feelings Here experts share advice on what you can do if you’re anxious about leaving your home. //t.co/CLfYkCDiy3



          Retweetd From NSPCC

          为人父母可以在日常生活中是一项挑战。现在,比以往任何时候,把你的心理健康护理是非常重要的。如果你正在苦苦挣扎,它的好支持伸手。我们在这里帮助: //t.co/h6nyQpI5W7 //t.co/YU7xVa660y


          Waldegrave students are being encouraged to get involved in 💌 They can find out more through their tutor classrooms and it’s in this week’s newsletter //t.co/ZNaDylralH


          Retweetd From KRSCP

          儿童和青少年可能会感觉现在特别担心或焦虑。更改到生活和程序意味着有很多的不确定性。看看我们的父母和看护人页的意见上的支持来源 //t.co/kiFChV8n5Y


          Thanks - our staff and students have always found your visits so brilliantly entertaining and inspiring! 🙂 //t.co/rt4UQFyy7A


          Sixth Form Receptionist, Waldegrave School, Richmond upon Thames //t.co/2YMFnt7jWX


          Photography / Art Technician, Waldegrave School, Richmond upon Thames //t.co/e78sdyAi5w


          Teacher of Geography, Waldegrave School, Richmond upon Thames //t.co/0u3YFE1yqN


          And this is today’s challenge. Let’s see the Waldegrave competitive spirit in action! //t.co/KcRP9SUrzw


          We’d love to see Waldegrave students participating //t.co/2CkiAGxvsL


          Year 10 & 12 students are due in on the 15th. The letter should be sent in the next couple of days.


          A letter/email will be sent out detailing the arrangements for Year 10 and 12 students, including timings.


          Retweetd From KRSCP

          当前的危机是紧张的每一个人。儿童和青少年可能需要帮助他们的精神健康照顾。为获得帮助的儿童和青少年地方咨询,请点击这里: //t.co/MVKXYmA1H0


          Retweetd From Future First


          @DeepikaRajani who is helping a student @WaldegraveSch understand the world of journalism. With work experience cancelled, conversations around careers are more important than ever #AlumniPower

          follow us @WaldegraveSch


          Retweetd From Suzanne Gilbey

          thank you for “Something inside so strong” this beautiful evening. Reminded me of this pre lockdown moment when chamber choir performed it . They were headed to Sweden to sing all together but it was cancelled😢 Glad ur back Amy 🤗 //t.co/jsLe6mIoGw



          Retweetd From KRSCP

          我们的covid-19危机期间需要大家来帮助保护弱势儿童。如果你看到或听到的东西,不正确的和你坐,请致电020 8547 5008金斯敦和里士满保护儿童的伙伴关系。 //t.co/1RKvbAMIBX


          Retweetd From KRSCP

          18岁或以下的?您可以通过在儿童热线讲一个辅导员在网上或通过电话获得帮助和建议。它是免费和保密的,这意味着你可以轻松地与任何东西说话。访问 //t.co/Sp567AeBXI for online services or call 0800 1111.



          Retweetd From KRSCP



          欢迎所有的家长和监护人。 PTA的是交朋友,与其他家长和支持这个梦幻般的学校的好方法。但是很多你想参与,请一起去这是在周报TOR接触标榜任何PTA会议我们 Secretary for more information. 

          The PTA values your views and you can support us in lots of ways, such as:

          School Fund


          If you haven't already donated and would like to please click here 

          Donations and Gift Aid 

          The funds raised by us parents is essential. Together we can support our children’s school, by giving regularly through VirginMoney。这使得PTA与这些资源预算,并支持在365bet体育的杰出工作不断,并用长期的战略和愿景。这是一个自愿的请求。但是请注意,对于一杯咖啡的价格一个星期,我们就可以一起对在365bet体育提供持续优秀的教育产生巨大影响。

          Donate here。如果您是英国纳税人可以帮助礼物您的捐款,这意味着PTA可以索回税款。你只需要填写它一次,但你需要让我们知道您的情况变化



          你可能已经注意到,我们不再要求长期订单捐款为学校基金。为了提高效率和gdpr(通用数据保护法规)合规性,我们现在使用的virginmoney这就像其他募捐网站,但有一个很大的区别: Virgin 

          What’s in it for you:  

          What’s in it for the PTA:  

          What’s in it for the school

          对于罚单筹款活动,我们将无法从parentpay搬走,但与您合作的礼物援助过程可以从财务的工作量基本上被切出。非常非常感谢所有谁已经通过捐赠 Virgin you are a star.   If you never have or are contemplating it, please give it a try.



          How is the money spent?

          Teachers' Wish Lists

          Teachers were asked to draw up a Wish List of equipment across the school which would enhance their teaching which the PTA could fund from a budget of £500 for each department. Last year the PTA paid for 2 portable display boards, 11 visualisers (Maths), a visiting English lecturer (!), plaster press moulds, glazes and ribbons (Art), a food processor, 2 laptops, a laminating machine, a french teaching assistant, athletic vests, hurdles, a protein electrophoresis kit, a vacuum pump, 3 infrared thermometers, a rostra (no, I don't know either, but the Music and Drama depts pooled together, to get one!), pattern cutting software, SMART materials handling box and electronic components (D&T) and lots of books to name a few.


          Please see here for some of the thank you messages from teachers to the PTA


          为30/6/19的父母都捐出£27,041.90学校基金本学年,这是下降了£6051的最后一年。对PTA维持捐款(£2163)回8%,任何礼物援助(£5097),并连同我们的PTA筹款活动 - 喜剧,智力竞赛之夜和宾果,茶的活动,圣诞树销售,抽奖,cash4coins和365bet体育赢家 - (£14844,这是增长了£5560与去年同期相比)我们加强了£14033物品价值为学校,包括对GCSE和年度unifrog订阅贡献。

          PTA meetings 


          PTA Committee and Contacts

          If you would like to get in touch to raise any issues or ask any questions, please contact the Secretary 

          The current Committee are:

          Chair - Maria Randell (email: PTA@Waldegravesch.org) 
          Co-Chair - Christine Samuels
          Secretary - Nicky Barnicott
          Treasurer - Nataliya Zadora
          Data Protection Officer - Mark Given

          PTA AGM

          在365bet体育PTA AGM在春天通常在二月底举行。一个麻雀虽小五脏俱全组家长和老师出席主席的报告,从财务的财务报告为下一财政年度委员会角色的过去一个财年和确认的目的。现有的委员会成员可以选择在自己的角色,但提名,继续为所有的职位都欢迎并参加表决的发生在了会议。看到主席的报告,并在此页面上的下载部分获取更多细节的最后一个年度股东大会纪要。


          Raise money by shopping online

          504 Gateway Time-out thegivingmachine.co.uk there will be no cost to yourself but the companies will make a small donation to the school. All the major supermarkets and shops are there from Amazon to B&Q. It is easy to sign up as follows:

          1. Go to thegivingmachine.co.uk
          2. Click Find Beneficiaries and then enter Waldegrave and search
          3. Click choose next to Waldegrave School and then SAVE
          4. You will then be asked to enter your details i.e. name, email, postcode and a password to register.
          5. You can then go shopping!

          504 Gateway Time-out

          Waldegrave Winners is a monthly prize draw run by the school's PTA.  It is open to all parents, carers, staff and governors of Waldegrave School.

          你的乐趣在你的幸运号码“投资”一年加入。一个每年有多少成本£15,两个数字是24£,三£36,£4 48或5个号码将£60。有没有限制,你可以买到的数字!

          504 Gateway Time-out

          For more information on how to join Waldegrave Winners click here.

          Quiz Night 


          Comedy Night

          Comedy Night is always a roaring success. This is an 18+ 事件发生在秋季学期。喜剧演员提高与(沙哑)的笑声,今年我们设法筹集了£3000为学校的屋顶。非常感谢大家谁参加这次活动,支持学校,同时享受一个晚上,更感谢我们的喜剧之夜统筹和精彩的志愿者队伍。 

          Christmas Tree Sale

          在12月,我们举办了第3届圣诞树销售,销售高品质的非降诺德曼枞树和节日的好东西。 25%从每一棵树特卖会直接去学校365bet体育基金。今年我们卖出更多的树木和节日糖果和超过£1500提高。



          Summer and Christmas Raffles


          PTA Refreshments at School Events 


          PTA Data Protection Privacy Policy



          We do not rent, sell or share personal information about you with other people or non-affiliated companies except to ensure donations are processed, when we have your permission.

          We will use reasonable efforts to ensure that your personal data is not disclosed to regional/national institutions and authorities, unless required by law or other regulations.

          We may update this policy. We will notify you about significant changes in the way we treat personal information by placing a prominent notice on our web site.

          If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact the PTA Data Protection Officer via the SecretaryPTAWaldegrave@hotmail.co.uk



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