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          Twitter Wall

          Twitter Wall



          Retweetd From AfCinfoKingstonRichmond

          Visit our Emotional Health Service Resource Hub for self help resources include pre-recorded video workshops, helplines, online counselling and information leaflets - a wider range of support online for children and young people when they need it //t.co/7UDBk7MQKy //t.co/jlG4XfIoEg


          It is a fantastic initiative & we have lots of supplies as a result 👍🏻 //t.co/3j4YMtPwBV


          Retweetd From YoungMinds

          If the thought of going back to school is making you feel a bit anxious, here are eight tips to help you cope with that first day back. //t.co/K8DUIVi2nm


          Retweetd From TAFC U16 Girls

          PLEASE RT are looking for girls to play in our U15 team this //t.co/ryvPIveQF2 is Thursdays and matches played on Sundays. Any girls who are year 9/10 will be made very welcome. Please contact lilian.com


          Retweetd From KRSCP

          Aged 13-19 and wanting support with mental health issues, drugs & alcohol and relationship problems, or know someone who is? Check out //t.co/HPBhs7U9mp dedicated to providing advice and details of local services to teenagers in SW London



          Retweetd From YoungMinds

          We asked our Activists what questions they wished their parents had asked them. This is what they told us. //t.co/6idwieuIaV



          Retweetd From YoungMinds

          💛 //t.co/R5LknrzJrj



          Retweetd From AfCLocalOfferKingstonRichmond

          Remember, students can talk to a qualified careers adviser if they need advice or information about options open to them. Our Exams Support Helpline opens at midday until 4pm every working day until 31 August //t.co/3xuazwEoxw //t.co/8OMlKQ3Tv9


          Well done to all of our fabulous Y11 students. The wait is finally over and you are taking the next steps to your future dreams. Go forward with confidence and know that you have the world at your feet.


          Retweetd From PAPYRUS

          We couldn't agree more with our friends over at - Everyone receiving their GCSE results today should be unbelievably proud of themselves 💜💜 //t.co/6zbHkuYHPv


          Statement from Roger Taylor, Chair, Ofqual //t.co/dH5UT8IU5N



          Retweetd From AchievingForChildren

          Need some advice after your exam results? If you live in Kingston or Richmond borough, phone our helpline and talk to a qualified careers adviser. Open from 12 to 4pm Monday to Friday until 31 August. Phone 07540 156905 or 07864 612857. //t.co/QiNDz9Nrgx


          Retweetd From Brian Cox

          If you haven’t got the grades you needed today it’s disappointing, stressful and maybe unfair. I didn’t get the grades I needed. I re-applied at 23 and Manchester let me in. I know all Universities will try to help you, but if it doesn’t work out there will be other chances.


          In this most difficult of years, we are so proud of our wonderful A level students. Year 13: you are amazing. Congratulations - not only on your grades but on the previous two years of being a wonderful part of 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻



          Retweetd From NSPCC

          Many exams were cancelled due to the pandemic, and the way young people are receiving their results may also have changed. This is causing young people more anxiety in an already challenging time. We have advice for you to support your child: //t.co/bZKCfPFX7M //t.co/6PsKitathX


          Retweetd From YoungMinds

          This is a must read for any parent for who has a child receiving exam results this month. //t.co/SMDzmKIF6m



          Retweetd From YouthOutLoud

          We love this illustration by about how to tap into your happiness chemicals! From a bike ride to simply hugging a family member there are lots of ways to increase the amount of happiness chemicals your body produces. Anyone fancy a piece of dark chocolate? 😌 //t.co/BELDu1K8Ed



          Retweetd From Action for Children

          If you feel as though you're at a loss for where to turn as a parent during these difficult times, we're here to help. Parent Talk offers free, down-to-earth information and advice for parents of children aged 0-19. //t.co/Y7sM2AgbXR //t.co/3bVsEldCPD



          Retweetd From YouthOutLoud

          🌟Reminder🌟 The Kingston and Richmond Youth Council want to hear from you! The link is: //t.co/32R2VyZtuA  The survey closes this Friday- 7th August 2020.   Have your voice heard! 🗣 //t.co/PGQmtTdBqh

          Jack Petchey Awards

          We share in the vision of the Jack Petchey Foundation, that of a community where young people aspire, enjoy and achieve. The Jack Petchey Award scheme helps us celebrate the successes of individual students and fund various projects.

          Jack Petchey Award

          Awards at Waldegrave

          One student per House is nominated each term to receive £250 to be spent within the school.

          The nominated student decides how this money is spent. Students can be nominated by other students and the House Pastoral Team chooses the winner for their House.


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